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Which echeveria is this?
Can we ID this little one, please?🧐 (Tho i already named him, Mando 😬) #WhatTheSucc #PlantID #PlantsMakePeopleHappy
It looks like a ghost echeveria. I'm a newish plant parent so Im not 💯 percent. Your plant looks very healthy and happy. Good luck to you!
It looks an awful lot like my numberg something or other. Let me go look. Be right back.
Echeveria 'Perle Von Nurnberg'?
Thanks @TinaRedchic @sarahsalith I was looking into it since last night right when i got it from TJ’s, i just cant be convinced that almost all my Echeverias are categorized as ‘pearl Echeveria’ per Greg 😅 coz they kinda looked same but not really.. this one has a diff colour. Looks like a von Nurnberg, Ghost, and Orion too 🤔🙃
@drakosmüm I agree with @sarahsalith, I had to look it up.
@KikiGoldblatt well then, thanks for checking! I’m glad i got myself a Perle Von Nurnberg (finally 😌) .. and good morning!☀️ 🪴
It may also be Echeveria lilacina . It looks similar to PVN, as other member said. I would say that your plant does not look like a 100% as Perl von Nurnberg (PVN). I am leaning more to Ech. Lilacina .
@vvvelo ah, you have a point too.. to be honest, i’ve been trying to ID my echeverias, i have another one that looks like a lilacina too, she’s more pale tho. I almost thought they’re the same but doesnt seem to be 😅

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