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Time to repot this beauty that flowered for me this past fall. Should I separate the babies and pot them into their own pots or just repot it into a larger pot?
0ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
That's incredible!! I would get a bigger pot! That plant is amazing!
@sarahsalith I’ll definitely put it una bigger pot even if I don’t separate the babies. But wondering if I should do that, separate the babies into their own pots. I may do at least one or two so I can take one to work and maybe give one to a friend.
Whatever you want! If you like the look of the mounding family, leave them with just more space to grow. If you want to give the babies some space or new homes, wiggle them loose when you repot. In my experience it will encourage even more babies to grow.
I think the full pot looks amazing- you hardly see the so healthy. If you repot it, you might consider giving the mother plant a bit more room by moving some of the other plants a few inches away.
Thanks! This makes sense. Maybe I’ll separate one baby so I can take it to work since I’m going back to the office after two years of working from home and keep the rest in tact in a larger pot.
I’d make the decision entirely on aesthetics and how you want to enjoy the plant. πŸ˜€ Succulent are so resilient, it really allows for a lot of creativity. If you decide later that you want the pups back with the mama, you can put them back in the same pot. As long as the pups are big enough, they will thrive with proper sunlight and watering (which clearly you’ve honed successfully). I’ve loved getting super creative with my succulents arrangements because they are so resilient. One thing I will tell you is that succulents do far better in larger pots and more soil, and even better in the ground. The ones in small pots, won’t grow much, and grow slowly.

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