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Does anyone have any experience with sealing terracotta pots? 🪴🪴🪴
So I love the look of terracotta if you can’t tell by my oasis.

But I went all willy nilly and planted a bunch of new plants and props directly into terracotta pots (usually I plant in nursery pots and use cover pots).

While I’ve been keeping up, it has been a little annoying having to water my polka dot begonias, bird of paradise, xanthosoma, ficus ginseng and burros tail/SOH props every 2-3 days because they are drying out so fast!

For example I have my Xanthosoma in an 8 inch terracotta pot and watered it on Monday, I go to check it out today and it’s dry!! So here comes dummy with the watering can 😅

I was searching for solutions and found this sealant online and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it? I’m mostly concerned about the health of my plants and don’t want them to be harmed because of the chemicals in the sealant.

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4” pot with drainage
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I know I've purchased pots that were sealed- I'd give it a whirl and see how it goes!
Cool, this would be really nice for the saucers! 👍🏼
@sarahsalith I guess I can experiment on a plant I have multiple of lol and see how it goes
@AguaViviente that’s what I was thinking the safe route would be. To at least protect the furniture/floors from water damage by sealing the saucers. I was also thinking about just spraying the outside of the pot but it will probably cause problems if the inside isn’t sealed as well.
I think if you're gonna seal it you should seal at least the inside, if not all over.

My concern with only sealing the outside is that not only will the soil stay moist longer, but so will the pot itself, possibly causing it to deteriorate over time. I don't know how long it would take so might not be a concern for a while, but you don't want clay bits in your dirt, lol
@tmbryant37 no for sure! I feel like if the outside is only sealed then water/moisture would still try to escape the porous clay from the inside causing bubbles on the outside and yes deterioration since maybe they would burst or expand.

I’m just thinking of a different route for my begonias and Xanthosoma at least since those like to stay a bit moist as opposed to my other houseplants.
@babyfiretiger13 I feel you on that one. My waffle plants wilt if I'm a day late watering them, lol.

I was fighting a losing battle and put them in self-watering wick system pots and they're a lot happier now.

All of my water loving plants are moving over to this style of pot as I have a need to repot them and so far everyone is looking better. I use my Greg reminder on these plants to check the water level in the basin and just refill as needed.
@tmbryant37 Hmm I’ll have to look into these. They sound amazing! Can you share which of your plants you have in this type of system? Is there a particular kind you bought before I start my Amazon search lol
Bird of Paradise do better cheap black plastic pots. Terracotta takes the water away from them
@babyfiretiger13 I looked at tons of pots on Amazon and settled on these as the beat design and price. DELF 6 Pack 6.7" Self-Watering Planters Flower Pots for Indoor Garden Devil's Ivy, African Violet, Ocean Spider Plant, Orchid, White Color

Right now I have in these my waffle plants, geos, ferns, and at one point I had begonias in them.

I like the wick system because it gives the roots some distance from the water basin so they aren't constantly sitting in water. The rope soaks up the water and the plant takes what it needs. I wouldn't recommend it for things like philos or monstera or things that want to dry out in between waterings, but for our water-loving friend they've been great. These are medium sized pots so it can accommodate 4" and 6" plants.
@tmbryant37 awesome! I will def order some and see how they do! I’m preparing the begonias to give to my mom and sister so I think these pots will be nice for them. I know they won’t be as attentive as me with the terracotta. When I give away plants I’ve propped I have a long list of instructions, so this will help. They’re my plant babies I’m giving away lol 🥹
@Planthoader that’s what I had it in before but it outgrew the nursery pot and I thought what the hey let me plant it in the cover pot! But it’s been so annoying watering every 3 days or so because it’s drying out so fast. Good thing I’ve only done this to a few plants! 😅
@babyfiretiger13 I agree, however terracotta is best for succulents and cactus at least for my plants. Those pots take the water water not retain. From my research 🧐
@Planthoader for sure! My succulents love their terracotta! 🥰
I'm late but what about modge podge? I think that's what it's called...
Last year my oldest daughter gave me a marigold in this little terracotta pot that she painted on and a friend suggested I use modge podge to seal the painting to preserve it. It comes in a spray and I think like a tub.. I'm not sure what i did with mines 🤔 I know I got mines on Amazon but craft stores sell it.
@ManyLime Good idea, I’ll look into it! And I actually have some lol! 🤣 So the inside wasn’t sealed? How has it held up? Did the outside show any bubbles after a while? That’s my only concern is that the water has no where to go so it might either collect in there or deteriorate it from the inside.
It looked exactly the same. 🤷🏾‍♀️ still drains out of the drainage hole. The art hasn't faded. Still looks good!
@ManyLime 🤔 good to know! I’ll do a little experiment on a plant I wouldn’t mind kicking the bucket lol
Any tips for your birds of paradise i just got my first one last week and i love her! I also have her in a terracotta pot
@Herbalgreen25 I actually kind of wish I didn’t pot her in terracotta because it dries out so fast. I just didn’t have a bigger pot and she was growing out of her 6 inch nursery pot. You really need to be on top of the watering and water when the soil is almost dry. It will benefit from extra humidity especially when new leaves are unfurling. When you need extra humidity the leaves will be curled at the edges and the green will also be in different ranges from light to dark on new leaves. It will even out when the leaf hardens but that’s a good indication that it needs more humidity. I try to use distilled water if not tap water that has been sitting out for 2-3 days. Rain water would be perfect but I get the heebie jeebies thinking about the microscopic larvae that might be in the water🤢 I fertilize every time I water from spring to fall with dynagro 9-3-6 foliage pro fertilizer at 1/4 strength (1/4 tsp per gallon). She is close to an east facing window and gets morning direct light and bright indirect throughout the day. I think that’s about it! Good luck with your new plant! 🌱 😊
@babyfiretiger13 thank you so much !!!!!!
@Herbalgreen25 you’re welcome! ☺️

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