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Why are the leaves turning yellow and brown and falling o...

5” pot with drainage
Last watered 9 months ago
Unfortunately, with dracaena it can mean under watering or overwatering or not the right amount of light. οΏΌ It can also mean inconsistent watering like letting it go too long without water, and then giving it too much water. It’s profile looks good, you’ve got drainage and indirect light. I’m sure I lost mine due to inconsistent watering. I thought it liked to dry out but I think I went too infrequently and then tried to make up for it with a big drink of water. Our plants will teach us! Then we become better plant parents!!πŸ₯°πŸͺ΄
What @MariansOasis said is exactly correct. I think these would do better if the soil drains very very fast so it can be watered more often.
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The Song of India is sensitive to fluoride in tap water. Fluoride damage can also cause the leaves to turn yellow. Use distilled or 100% pure water. Avoid any water with additives for taste. I hope your plant will make a speedy recovery.
@Ada3 brings up a good point about gases in water πŸ’¦. Plants can be sensitive to chlorine and fluoride gases in our water. Leaving a container of πŸ’¦ out overnight will allow the gases to dissipate. I go the extra step of filtering the water and letting it sit overnight. Our water is hard and the minerals can be tough on some plants too. Some of mine don’t care a hoot πŸ¦‰ but some like Calathea and ferns can have a hissy fit over water. The best water is rainwater if you live in an area where it rains. It won’t rain here in So CA again for months so I don’t have that luxury πŸ˜‚