Posted 4M ago by @magicthyme87

yellow leaves

my #StringOfHearts has gained a few yellow leaves in the past couple days right after watering, yet it has drainage so i’m not sure what it needs?
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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@magicthyme87 if you can’t give her more light then I’d give her a trim. The long strings with fewer leaves aren’t getting enough nutrients from a light source so it responds by producing fewer leaves or sacrificing a few leaves for the good of the overall plant. A trim will help make her produce more growth closer to the top, making her a bit more full looking πŸ‘€ too! πŸ‘
How far from a window is she? I think she might be leggy because she needs more sun! β˜€οΈ
@Bplants she’s hanging right in the window, just grown past the window sill. north facing windows will be the death of me!
She's very leggy. She needs more light for more hours.
@magicthyme87 what about a grow light?
@Bplants I have one but I have plants that need it much more than she does!
@MariansOasis thank you i will give this a try!
It’s a video, specifically for this problem. I think it will help you ! It’s worth a watch. The title is β€œcurling or wrinkled leaves in String Of Hearts” it’s from the channel succulents box, which they usually have simple, easy videos that break it down and give you suggestions on how to fix it! Hope this helps you