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New Geogenanthus
Got myself an early bday gift! #GregGang meet my Geo. I’d been eyeing them online then saw this at the store for half the price…no way I was leaving without one. Look at those leaves! There are some more babies poking out from the bottom I’m excited to see soon.

I stalked most of the posts about them but am looking for care advice, I feel like these can be tricky; tropical plants make me nervous. I know they need lots of water and the direct light was just for the photo op. 🤣
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0ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Best Answer
hey! I had a geo plant for a while! they’re similar to calatheas in terms of care, but their “catch” is that they want all. the. humidity. like, as much as possible. if you have a bathroom with a window, they would love that! otherwise, i’d recommend getting a little personal humidifier for this baby to help them thrive. you’re right — no direct light. think tropical forest floor, shielded by the canopy, with dappled light. in other words, medium light would be best! they can tolerate low and bright, but i feel like medium indirect light would best reflect their natural habitat. definitely similar to calatheas, they don’t want their soil to dry out 100%, so just give them a top off when the top of the soil starts to look dry. that’s what worked for me anyway, but it will depend on how much light/humidity yours is exposed to! these plants get a bad rap for being difficult, but honestly they’re no more difficult than any calathea, and we love those despite their funky finicky preferences, right? so, tl;dr — don’t worry! you got this! enjoy this rare beaut 🥳💚🌿
So gorgeous! I don’t know anything about them, someone will though. Good luck! 😍
@MamaFairy thanks! I’m sure someone does. If not, maybe this is my chance to become the go-to Greg expert for these 🤣
Oh my goodness, this is beautiful!!
Very cool! Looks like @lazyplantparent has you covered
Happy birthday and amazing plant. 🪴
@Harat9 You’re not kidding! So helpful.
@lazyplantparent Thanks so much for the info! Why do you say “had?” That’s what I was afraid of…I have a calathea with crispy leaves that’s been my hardest plant. It just lost 4 leaves but is growing a new one so can’t be all bad. Medium light is good to know! Maybe I’ll keep my humidity siblings together next to the humidifier. I put the Geo in the shower with me today. 🤣 Will make it work!
Pls to meet u Geognanthus. Now I learn a new plant. The hue and texture of the leaves.. wow

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