Posted 1M ago by @oraqui

Is having AC on harming my plant?

My AC is usually on at night now and sometimes during the day, the vent for it is right by the windows that gave the sun. Should be moving my plant somewhere else whenever I turn my AC on? #DragonTree
3ft to light, direct
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 weeks ago
Best Answer
The air conditioners zap the humidity from the air. So if a plant is used to more humidity but it's near an AC or heater, there will be less humidity. (: I'm glad you found Greg, Ora!
I’d move it away from the ac. The fluctuation in temperature will stress the plant
I’d move it for case study purposes.
@Tropicollector thank you! I will from now on :)
@PlantJedi I like your thinking, I’ll try to remember to take some progress pics!