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Help IDing a pest?
So I’ve dealt with thrips, spider mites and mealies, But these guys are strange. Other leaves are just infested with them. They are small round and white, I don’t see any unusual damage nor webbing. When I’ve had spider mites in the past I couldn’t see the bugs only the webbing. At first I thought these were spider mites, but These are so strange! Their huge! And aren’t leaving as much damage especially with the size of the infestation! I’m treating with a pest solution spray, systemic pesticide and quarantining the plant too! Are they even a pest? I’ve also found them on my Alocasia purple sword but aster I rinsed them off and they haven’t returned.
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 day ago
Commenting to follow this thread! I catch one of these guys doing a solo crawl across my ficus like once every couple months. If we have the same pest.. they’re white, round bodied, no visible wings or antennae, medium speed. They don’t like to stop moving, they don’t walk in a straight line, and they prefer being higher up on the plant. Is that what you have too? Bonide systemic granules seem to kill them effectively (after wiping the live ones off the leaves) but idk what they are.
@ivysaur sounds about right!

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