Posted 4w ago by @BrainyHopsage

Dahlia Trouble
Any help with what's going on with my painted dahlia would be very appreciated! My ala mode dahlia is doing fine, but this one is on the struggle bus.
6” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
I’m surprised no one has answered this question yet! πŸ€”

Looks overwatered with the way it’s wilted. I would check the roots for any root rot. If the soil and roots are moist/damp, then I would repot in fresh new soil and let the plant settle for a few day. It’s dangerous for plants to have consistently wet soil as it can cause root rot! 🌿🀍

Edit: I forgot to say if you do check roots, to snip any black mushy root with sterlized scissors.
I'm with @kscape - I was hoping someone answered by now.

Is it just the one branch?
@sarahsalith it's multiple branches. I will replant it tomorrow and see if that helps! 😬

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