Posted 6d ago by @Plantlover_2

My ponytail has small webs on its leaves. I happened after I pit a humidifier near it. I’ve moved the humidifier but how to I get rid of the critters in the webs?
Take it outside if you can and spray it down, then spray with neem oil. Keep away from other plants.
@Plantlover_2 if you had other plants near this one check them too.
@Plantlover_2 most definitely spray it down with Neem Oil and isolate it from your other plants. Most likely you have spider mites. Spray it every 7 days. Don’t spray it when the sun is on it. Spray it down early in the morning or late at night.
I agree with @YammieOf3 and @KikiGoldblatt. Make sure to check any plants that were near your ponytail and treat them also.
Definitely spider mites! Spray the soil with Neem oil and Be careful when spraying Neem oil on your plants! Only spray them late in the evening or early morning before the sun hits them! οΏΌGood Luck

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