Posted 1M ago by @PeakSugarsumac

It’s dropping leaf buds ….

2ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
Can you explain?
The leaf buds keep breaking off.
Haven’t watered in 8 days. Did do a complete water until water came out of the bottom of pot as recommended by the nursery. Trying to let dry out before water again
@pothosslut the buds that should unfold to new leaves keep just breaking off at the base of the plant.
Hmmm, I would start by looking at the roots. When they break off are they crispy and dry or mushy? It sounds like a watering issue!
@pothosslut thank you for responding. They are wet inside. The top of the soil is dry but the holes at the bottom of the pot has very wet soil.
That sounds like an overwatering issue. I'd take a look at the roots to check for root rot. Good luck! ☺️
@pothosslut thank you so much!