Posted 1w ago by @PromisingRedcap

Use received plant in mail as a gift. What do I do now?
4” pot
Last watered 1 week ago
I’m going on a trip tomorrow. Should I transplant this gardenia and how? I did not receive instructions.
How long is your trip? This one should be allowed to dry between waterings so you might be covered that way. It's also good practice, if the plant is healthy on arrival, to leave it in it's pot and place it in a favored location for at least a week, but up to three weeks before repotting. (Repotting may not be necessary.) This lady likes bright, indirect light. She can handle weak direct light but since you won't be there to monitor her, it's safest to give only a bit of morning or northern light if you can't avoid direct light. Hopefully you've got a spot without a/c blowing on it, near a window where the temp is stable and the light bright but indirect. She should be ok for a week or so! She needs time to dry out and acclimate. I'd be tempted to put a baby monitor on her but I'm kinda nuts πŸ’š

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