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✨✨Happy #FreshLeafFriday Everyone! 🤩✨
I hope you guys have had a wonderful Friday 🥰 I know mine is, after I was greeted with soooo much #NewGrowth goin on in my Oasis 🥰 Everyone is so happy and I’m just a #ProudPlantMomma 💙

My highlights today include:

- Miko, my #HaworthiaFasciata who has just grown EXPONENTIALLY this season 🥰💙 I’ve had her for about a year now, I believe, and she just sat there, lookin pretty 🤣💙

- Stitch, my #MoneyTree #RescuePlants 💙 aka, the plant with the EXTREMELY curled leaves. Since gaining him, stitch has lost three trunks to rot but his last two have so much growth goin on 🥹💙 this is why I don’t buy these shits at full price 🤣

- Dill Prickles, my #Mammillaria gracilis, has been on Fresh Leaf Friday before and for good reason 🥹 I’ve had these pups since Junior year of College (Spring of 2020) and didn’t see a single damn thing for two years 🤣 this year, however, hims roots are finally rooting and just LOOK AT HIM 🥹🥹🥹💙

- Beckham, my #Anthurium, was given to me at work or he was gonna get trashed. I said “my small ones always die… but we’ll see how I do with the big ones” 🤣 and Holy Shit you guys, they LOVE their spot and are THRIVING! Beckham in particular. He’s been giving me so much new growth🥹💙

- Kobe, my #FiddleLeafFig 🥹💙 it took Kobe a month or two to finally settle into his spot but once he did… WHEW, I swear y’all, it seemed like every day I checked him, his new growth doubled in size and he already had a new bud 🥹💙 and you can see he has a new little leaf poking through 💙💙🌱

- My #OncidiumOrchid, aka, my Trash Panda 💙🐼 I was told these bad boys grow EVERYWHERE in the Philippines and were called Trash Pandas 🥴🥴🤣 please tell me if I’m correct… but anywayyysss, this is one of my two orchids, given to me by my boss as it was gonna get trashed. My mamaw takes care of it because she has multiple, but I thought she overwatered it 🤦🏻‍♀️ welllll I was very much wrong because LOOK 🥹🥹 she has a flower stalk growing! I guess she likes her new spot in the sun room 🥰
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I was wondering what that first one was. Wasn’t sure if it was a type of aloe. And there seems to be a lot of different haworthia. I don’t think I’ve seen one exactly like that. Or if it did it was much smaller so it looked different. It looks so good
I just realized I didn’t post my orchid picture 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
@SirLiquorice it was at work one day! He was sitting all pretty in his pot and had been there for a while so I HAD to take him home (mainly I wanted the pot 🤣🤣🤣)

I’ve had a couple of small ones in the past but they’ve never done this either! I guess he’s a happy boy 🥹🥹💙 his leaves alone make him look like a flower 💚
What kind of plant is the one that looks like a Christmas tree cactus

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