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So this is my jade plant and she’s not looking great. She’s looked like this for a while now. I recently re-planted and I am following the watering schedule. Any tips on how to make her look a little peppier?
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
How often are you watering?? If it feels squishy it’s overwatered. If hard then underwatered. Also, what light is it getting?
I’d say, it looks fine. Also it is probably would look better under the bright sunlight or at least in partial shade if possible.
It looks to me like it wants more water. You can tell when jades need water because the leaves stop being shiny, and they look dull olive green like this. They can get SEVERELY underwatered and still go back to normal after a watering, though, so I wouldn’t worry at all. This guy looks fine to me. The red color on the back of the leaves is a stress color, which is always absolutely fine (if not fantastic) in succulents. It may be a combination of recent repotting and lots of sun, and they truly do love lots of sun. Mine also are red on the backs of the leaves. But if it gets that much sun exposure, and potentially has a few damaged roots from repotting, it may just need water more than Greg said. It’s fine to wait though, because like I said, this guy is 100% fine. I rescued one from work once that hadn’t been watered in months and the leaves were as thin and flexible as a piece of fabric, and when I watered it, it looked completely normal with 48 hours. These guys are tough. They do want a decent amount of sun and to get a little thirsty between waterings, so I think you’re doing it right!
@TopWarnockia I have to agree with @Jana85 on this 💯

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