Posted 1Y ago by @PsychoRoach

Peperomia Incana Has Sad Leaves

My Peperomia Incana is growing well. It’s got new growth in three different pts, one of which is a completely new branch (exciting)! But it’s always got these down turn yellowish leaves that concerns me. The leaves used to all be bright green. It’s sitting in front of a huge south facing window and I water when the soil is completely dry.
1ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
It may be getting too much sun. Perhaps it would fare better in an eastern facing window. Only water when completely dry. I hope this helps πŸ₯°
I had it in an east facing window first and while it had flat bright green leaves, it never grew. As soon as I placed it in its current spot, it took off. But maybe that was just coincidence and finally just acclimated to my place. I’ll place back on the East window and see what happens. Thanks for the response!