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Here are roots coming out each side. And the stem that t...

4โ€ pot without drainage
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Hi! This is totally normal for an orchid. Cut the stem off or let it dry some more before you cut it. Both are ok. Also, the roots are normal and a sign of health. Orchids use these roots to attach to trees or wood in the wild.
Should I repot it to a larger pot
All of that is normal, that's just how phalaenopses grow. Roots everywhere ๐Ÿ˜€ and as with most flowering plants, the bloom is over at some point. Then the spike yellows and dies off (you can cut it afterwards) and the orchid focuses on leaf and root growth to give you a wonderful bloom the next time it blooms. For that it grows a completely new flower spike.
Just continue to care for it during that time. If you haven't repotted it and it's fresh from the shop, now might be a good time to repot it (only in specialized orchid "soil"!). It probably has already been in this medium for several years, so it might be spoiling, and also it might have a spongey plug inside that could suffocate/ rot the roots if left for too long in your home. For good tutorials on how to do that, there are great content creators out there. My favorite is miss orchid girl on youtube
When repotting, I choose a pot according to the roots and not the plant above it, so it depends really. If the root system is big, I upgrade. If not, I leave it be. Unless the Orchid and the flower spike get too big to handle because they topple. But that rarely happens
Snip the dying stem, and leave it alone. It will do its thing without much help.
I would take that stuff off the top of it, too. That could cause rot because the roots can't get air. Just use orchid bark and put it in a well draining pot. Then just leave it on a patio.
@MusicalRedmint I LOVE miss orchid girl! She helped me save a bunch of phals that CVS threw away in the garbage that I rescued. All had root rot.
Also I suggest repotting in a pot that is transparent (so u can see the roots) and that also had holes. Makes life much easier
@DracarysDahlia me as well. I cannot believe that I haven't stumbled across her sooner. She was recommended to me on this very app and since then I've become a die-hard fan. I could just listen to her talking about her orchids without pause, regardless if she is talking about things that are actually relevant to my collection or not ๐Ÿ˜€ she is so invested, experienced, scientifically grounded and has the most soothing voice. Sry, fangirling hard apparently ๐Ÿ˜…
Leave the roots! These are aerial roots. And what they do is they catch humidity in the air to keep the plant hydrated. Orchids grow in nooks in trees and crevices in rock, not in soil... so they don't get a bunch of water through their soil ๐Ÿ˜Š which is why they have a need for those aerial roots.
@MusicalRedmint lol no me too! Iโ€™ve had her videos on the background all day! She does have a very upbeat soothibg voice! Lol Iโ€™m glad Iโ€™m not the only one that thinks the same way
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