Posted 1Y ago by @FavorableMoss

Do you know how to fix this #SpiderPlant
I had it on my dresser for a while dut then it started dying so i moved it back on my windowsill and its been there for a week but nothing has changed
It might take more than a week or so before you see any change. It might take a month or so. If the dresser was out of the sun, those leaves might not look so good, but when the plant gets everything it needs, new leaves will grow. (:
the soil looks pretty dry have you been watering it on schedule?
@Youngplantdad no im sorry
@sarahsalith ok thank you
Looks like it's thirsty!
I would bottom water it & let it soak up at the water it needs! I’d keep doing that & it should help.
Try misting it

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