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My poor Java needs a jolt 🥺
What’s wrong with this bb?? I brought him home about a month ago, he was full of life and leaves. Now this little sprout is all that remains, and the bottom two leaves are dry and crinkly but still hanging on. The soil is still damp from the last watering (about 1-1.5 weeks ago) and is due for another drink in about 4 days. I moved him from a south-facing window to a north facing window (I’m in a small apartment with windows on the N/S), and put him right on the sill so he gets the most light without the window shade hindering his view.. Should I get a grow light?? Put him near a heater?? Get him a humidifier?? I refuse to give up! Help! #ArabianCoffeePlant
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
humidifier and misting, i use a diffuser for mine and it’s getting new growth!
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From the photo, the plant definitely looks dried out, which could be a combination of humidity and watering. Since the soil is still moist though, it might be a bit concerning for root rot (with the roots damaged it can’t absorb enough water). The pot does looks a little big for the plant though, from the photo, which might also contribute to the soil/water consumption.
Dang. @zay typed everything I was going to type. The pot too big and I'd be worried about possible root issues from too much moisture.

When there's too much moisture and the roots get damaged, the leaves can dry and look shriveled which would prompt you to water it again. Vicious cycle.
Thank you everyone! I will do some “home improvement” for him first thing tomorrow. Rot wa on my mind, however the thought of the soil-to-pot ratio did not cross my mind and does make sense. I appreciate all the help! 🙌🏻