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#GregPoll: Which palm would be most resilient/adaptable to lower light + ambient indoor humidity conditions? Think easy and chill, if such a palm exists, lol. 🌴
The deets: I’m investigating indoor palm varieties after having terrible luck with TWO different parlor palms in the past. Curious what the #GregGang has to say about easy care palms… Which of the options below do you think I should try next?

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🐝 Parlor Palm
🐞 Kentia Palm
πŸ› Lady Palm
πŸ¦‹ Cascade Palm
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Best Answer
The leaves are thicker and less susceptible to things. I took care of plants in business for a few years and the only palm that lasted more than 2 months were the lady palm
How much light you have??
A rhapis!!! Lady palm :) the rest are ehhh
@jcPlantProper It will be in a room with a southwest facing window, but will be rather far from the window and won’t recieve any direct lightβ€”I’d say maybe 8-10ft away?
@jcPlantProper thanks for the tip! πŸ™
Personally my kentia palm, she died but that’s me not watering her I forgot ab her 🫣, but she’s been everywhere from right in the window to across the room with little to no natural light and there was no issues there
@Mrgncrch sounds like a resilient gal! πŸ˜…
@hoyahead Homegirl went ✨through it✨
Agree w/ parlor..a d cat palms being easiest

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