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Does anyone has a grow light on your Calathea? If so, wha...

6” pot with drainage
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Hello Iris, here is what I found.

Your Calathea might be giving you the silent treatment if it's not basking in enough light. If your space is more dungeon than sunroom, it's time to consider grow lights. They're not just for the winter blues; they're a year-round ticket to vibrant leaves.

The Benefits of Grow Lights for Pinstripe Calathea

Grow lights are like a caffeine boost for your plant, encouraging growth and maintaining those signature stripes. They're especially handy during the gloomy months or in rooms where the sun is a stranger.

Choosing the Right Grow Light

Types of Grow Lights Suitable for Pinstripe Calathea

LEDs are the rock stars of grow lights for your Pinstripe Calathea. They run cool, sip electricity, and can be fine-tuned to the perfect light spectrum. Fluorescent bulbs are the opening actβ€”less customizable but still a solid choice.
Hi @FinePanamatree!πŸͺ΄ I do have some grow-lights for some of my calatheas that I have in a cabinet. Mine is a cheap version that does not give out that much light (and doesn't have any settings, I just keep it on 12 hours a day). It is a led-stripe that goes up in each of the corners of the cabinet.

The settings you want on the light I think depends on how "stressed" you want your plant to be (calatheas might get different colours in different lights), and if they are happy with the overall care and can manage the stress. Most of mine seems happy enough with the low light, as I have managed to keep the soil, water and humidity correct.

Also how much natural light it gets, mine obviously gets more indirect natural light now in summertime than in winter. (There is a large west-window left of the bookcase you see in the pic).

They burn their foliage easily, so not too much light, and no direct sun, is also important β˜€οΈ Hope this answers a little.πŸͺ΄πŸŒ±