Posted 8M ago by @bickyyamyam

doesn’t have the crescent markings
hello! this is my beautiful watermelon peperomia :) one thing i noticed right off the bat when i received this him is that he doesn’t have the crescent markings on the leaves that the plant is named after…

is this normal or should i be concerned?

also he’s looking a bit scattered an leggy… any fixes?
3ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
I am a very new plant mom but I was looking through pictures of your type of plant. I believe the markings come in as it grows. Some pictures had faint lines and others looked more developed and larger plants. So I think they will come as it grows!
@WinGreencoral that good to hear! thanks for your insight!
more light will probably help!
@bickyyamyam I agree with @RJG more light would help.
As others have suggested more light, you can see how each stem is dropping looking for more light. Good luck! Based on your profile it looks like you put it in a good spot!
are you sure this isn’t a Chinese Money Plant?
@iz.antoinette_ it kind of looks like one, but it’s definitely not!
@bickyyamyam okay:) just checking. it’s very pretty
I have one of these and even the baby leaves have the markings, I think you may have a regular pepermonia
That doesn't look like a watermelon pep

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