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Grow lights 😜😜
I’m super late and new to #GrowLights I’m not sure if this setup is ok or if my plants are too close together (previous issue with mold and humidity) any and all contents welcome! Thanks #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #NewGrowth #PlantTherapy #
How far away are your grow lights from your plants? They look good from here. My plants are pretty close together under grow lights. I just make sure to rotate them with every watering.
A fan oscillating nearby helps with the mold tremendously and helps keep the plants strong with the wind. With the grow lights it helps to have as many as you can kinda. Or a big one above and maybe some on the sides. The full spectrum LED ones are great usually
@EagerPhlox they’re directly under the lamp and the spotlight is close
@SirLiquorice I started using my ceiling fan to help
@BunnyMummy that will help. This really helps for me. I still need to re arrange the closet. But the lights are the cheap Walmart ones and the work great. The 2 foot and the 4 foot long ones are good.
@BunnyMummy the fans on either side help. Plus this small one up top
Agree with @SirLiquorice about fans too. I’ve found the trifecta of grow lights on for 12+ hours, oscillating fan, and humidifier work the best for me. I think yours will do great. Just give them time to acclimate under the lights and ceiling fan. The full spectrum really works wonders for keeping plants happy
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