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I don’t think Gregg was able to guess this cactus. Anyone know what species it is? Just curious if it’ll flower and how fast it’ll grow.
3ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Best Answer
My other planty app is saying it’s a peanut cactus, Echinopsis chamaecereus: 🌵 💕
@EagerPhlox thanks! My neighbor dropped it off on the porch and I’ve just wondered.
Hmm not a blue myrtle for sure, but little cacti can be ambiguous, since they aren't typically growing under natural conditions. Maybe a needs some brighter light (it's stretching a bit).
@QualifiedWoreya it’s under a plant light I just got it from a neighbor. Who snagged it for free. Might let it sunbathe a bit. So scared of burning them.
@JThen free plants are the best plants! 😂
Giving him some Sun. How long is too long?
If it hasn't had full sunlight for a while put it in the shade, just outside of the light, or it could burn. After about a week you can move it over into the sunlight. A bright window without direct sun also will work.

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