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I was sick for a long time. All of my plants gave up on m...

3ft to light, direct
20” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
What is it that you’re trying to do? Everything looks great. Keep doing what you’re doing.
That looks incredible! Check to see if there are roots coming out of the bottom and if it needs a repot. I know the roots are coming out of the top, but the people at costa farms told me that’s fine - tropical plants have roots grow out when they need oxygen, and we don’t need to top them off with dirt. If it hasn’t been fed in a long time, I’d use a liquid fertilizer on the next watering since it’s growing season. Lastly, if you want to keep getting giant leaves, give it more support to climb. They grow their biggest and best leaves when they’re climbing.
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@Azplantchic & @PlantSuccer I see it climbing out of its pot and how the roots in the soil look, and I guess I thought I needed to do some chopping. I think I'll make a new pole (it's climbing a metal trellis right now and it's too small), and give it fresh new growth medium. I think the pot is still sized right.
I prefer to keep my monsteras pretty tight in their pot. They will put out more leaves. When we give them lots of room in a pot one of two things happen. They either do a bunch of growing under the soil where we can’t see or they end up with root rot from too much soil and room. I think you’ve got a gorgeous plant on your hands. It’s amazing how sometime neglect is the best thing!