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Alocasia babies
I have some alocasia bulbs in sphagnum moss which have grown leaves! I am planning on potting them up but I’m not sure if I should pot using moss again or transfer them to soil which would be best for alocosias ?οΏΌ #AlocasiaAddicts
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Hey Plantsy, I normally go from moss to a chunky soil mix. I use Fox farms happy frog mixed with bark and perlite.
Welcome to Greg, Plantsty! I am NO expert on Alcoasias (we don't normally get along) but I bet if you put #AlocasiaAddicts in your post, you'll reach about 100 folks who LOVE Alocasias. (:
@sarahsalith thank you so much ! Just added it.
@RJG repotting mine soon, so this helps me out too! @Plantsy thanks for asking!

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