Posted 1M ago by @WholesomeWeed

Dried up buds not flowering fully, black stems appearing ...

4ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Photo please.
Sounds like low humidity. But pictures would help.
Hey Gill!! Welcome to Greg! The actual plant looks healthy with new growth! As far as the flowers, have you fed it recently? I would add some fertilizer and give a deep watering as long as the pot has drainage which says it does! Make sure you have good air flow and bright light!!
If it’s kept in a pot inside, make sure it gets enough light and they tend to need more frequent watering in pots and some fertilizer. Mine was languishing indoors in a pot so I acclimated her to outside over a month before planting her in the flower bed. She is doing so well now. They really prefer the outdoors and plenty of sun.
It needs phosphorus fertilizer to feed the buds and encouraging Thier growth