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Should my tree drop this many leaves at once?
I went in the sunroom to just check on everybody and it looks like my day tree just dropped a literal hand full of leaves in the last couple of days. They range from withered to just fine. I assume it's dropping me older leaves but I want to check in is this much shed normal?

I also brushed up against it a little and a couple more fell off but mostly they felt as secure as usual. I gave him a little water.
6ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
My experience has been that it’s due to overwatering but @sarahsalith might have some good advice!
@DefiantDndylion oops. I hope not because what I just did was the opposite of helpful then.
A better look at the leaves that fell
Are these leaves that were from the bottom of your plant? Have you noticed the stem hardening or barking? @MeekKiwifruit
@MeekKiwifruit - how much light is your plant getting? I find that when my jades aren't getting enough light, they tend to drop leaves to conserve energy.

I have recently moved my jades outside to get better sun- my larger Jade dropped about 2 leaves the other day and I realized it needed more light than it was getting.

Your plant cards says 6 feet from light, can you move it closer to the window?
@sarahsalith @kscape

They are from all over. The plant is currently growing new leaves at the very top and it looks like new branches are trying to come in throughout the plant.

I can't tell if the stem is hardened. Maybe? It's still supple but not soft.

It get tons of light because it's in the a sunroom which is mostly windowed walls.

It has a lot of scarred leaves that have been scarred since I got him in the winter. This is his first time growing new leaves that I've seen.

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