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Tips for growing Alocasias?
I got my first two #Alocasia plants on Sunday - #AlocasiaPolly and #AlocasiaPinkDragon

I heard these plants can be pretty finicky, so would love some advice to make sure they thrive!

Right now they are both in small plastic cups with what I think is moss. Should I repot or just let it be?

Is average room humidity enough for them?

TIA! :)
#AlocasiaAddicts #NewPlants
Light light and more light. Since you just got them I’d leave them in the pots for a week or ao. The smaller one maybe even longer. Keep them away from other plants too for a while just in case bugs! They don’t mind being a little dry once in soil but also are okay w slightly damp-there’s a fine line 🤣 and always mist them and wipe the leaves
@nila I was about to tag you @jcPlantProper
@jcPlantProper Thank you! I have the Polly beside a Hoya that has a grow light, and then the pink dragon I have on a shelf next to a southwest window. Not much direct sun but plenty of indirect.

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