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Why is she crooked

I bought this plant a few weeks ago. When I took her out of the box. She was a bit crooked in her pot. I placed her where she is at now. And she continues to get more crooked. As time goes on, can someone please tell me why she's doing this. And should I tie it to a post To help straightened it out? #greggang #happyplants
20ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
It all depends on what shape you’d like to encourage. I’ve been working to reshape this one for 7 months or so (I’ll post some ‘before’ pics in a minute). If you want it to grow tall, you’ll want to strap it to a pole. If you want to encourage bushier growth, you can prune the top to encourage branching and you can root any cuttings and add them to your pot. Lots of options!
@debbiedo how do u propagate them?
The first picture is how George came to me, and the second is after my first prune and re-tying to its pole. You can see how the bottom has started to fill out as a result. I also added one rooted top cut back to the pot. I’m trying to keep it fairly narrow and vertical so I use the pole to train any new growth in that direction. I’ll continue to prune and propagate any as needed too. Looking forward to hearing what you decide to do 😌
@shopofhorrors I propagate in water, either single leaf cuttings or several leaves on a stem with leafless nodes in water. Have paper towels handy so you don’t get the sap on your skin (it’s an irritant). Here’s a helpful video
Here’s what all my cuttings looked like in my south window ☀️
@debbiedo wow that’s huge
@SoigneGuepinia isn’t it?? I didn’t really have space when it was offered to me, but I couldn’t say no 😂
Wow, it’s beautiful! I had no idea they grew that large.
@debbiedo the video suggests that leaf cuttings dont turn into plants.
@shopofhorrors they do as long as you have a node, so a leaf attached to a chunk of stem. It’s the leaves you pluck off that won’t root 👍🏻