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What did I do wrong?
The bottom of my Mexican pincushion cactus is browning. I don’t know if I overwatered it or not. If I did does anyone know what I could do to help it?

I included some photos below if the helps anything. #Mammillaria #PlantAddict
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
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@FredIves Steps on how to save a rotting cactus:
Inspect the cactus for severity of the rot. Find parts of the plant that you can salvage such as firm, green parts.
Cut off parts that are mushy and rotting, including the roots. Save any green, firm or viable parts of the plant. You will know if it’s viable or not when you cut the plant. If the inside shows green parts, not brown or black, these may stand a chance and can be propagated to start a new plant. Good luck & happy growing!
Looks like your cactus is rotting. How do you water your cactus? If you overhead water, you have a high risk of rot happening. I suggest bottom watering or #ButtChug.

Unfortunately, the only way you can stop this from kind of killing your plant is to cut right above the rot, let it callous and then propagate in soil. Other than that, there’s no way I can think of saving it. Sorry πŸ™
You may be over watering it or the soil isn’t draining properly. That has been the case with bottom browning for my succulents in the past.
Good luck! I’m rooting for Umbridge 🌞
Is it's soft and mushy or just browning?
@FredIves I agree with @kscape on this.
@RJG It is a bit soft, unfortunately.
@FredIves @kscape is probably right. And @Ms.Persnickety gave great advice for salvaging it.
@FredIves Check the roots to be sure it has rot before you start cutting the plant up. Gently scoop the rootball out of the pot and brush the soil off, looking for white, healthy roots.

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