Posted 1M ago by @plutolou

Very curious if this long funky stem will flower?

Does anybody know what this is and if it will flower by any chance?
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I'm not too sure but I'd say by the looks of it It will flower I have one of these plants myself I'll be very excited if mine grows a stem like that πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌI'm sure someone will come along with a better answer soon
I just looked it up for you quickly yah flowers soon must be a very happy plant πŸ’š
Wow that’s a long bloom shoot coming . Let it do its thing it’s gonna be beautiful . Please keep us updated cuz this is the gonna take a bit . But shows what a wonderful plant parent you are . Now you can do the happy dance
Yep!!! flowers are in your future!
Definitely a flower 🀩
@Chevysgirl11 YAY I CANT WAIT
I have a similar plant that started this! I looked it I believe it’s going to flower (eventually). This is how mine looks now.