Posted 1M ago by @M0ll1fied

What's up with my #CalatheaMusaica

(Other than all Calatheas are divas that is.) Rescued it from Lowe's last year, it's in Leca (as all my calatheas are). It was recovering great when I brought it home but now it's going yellow on the tips, and it's growing....compacted? Since it's in leca it has a constant water level which I hoped would help the humidity. My other calatheas in the same area do not have problem. They are all growing like crazy. I do see roots out the bottom of the container, could it need a larger pot?
Sorry you're having issues with that plant - it really is beautiful!

It looks like perhaps it got sunburned or it has a nutrient deficiency. I understand that it's in leca, but how often do you fertilize the water?

If you do not usually feed your plant, may I please recommend #HappyHappyHouseplantFood? I think it's amazing! It might be just the boost that your plant needs.

If the roots are compacted, you might want to get a bigger pot as well.

Before forewarned: I gave οΏΌthis plant away because it was giving me grief. Last I heard, it was thriving under @Boymom-plantmom's new ownership. πŸ˜†