Posted 3w ago by @HeirShadbush

Why are the leaves turning yellow?
Looks to me as if it’s an overwatering issue :(
this happened to my first one :(
Oh no…I watered as to what was called for 😔. How can I make it survive 😰
It's good to think of Greg's waterings reminders as suggestions. It's best to test the soil before you water the plant.

If the soil is still wet when Greg tells you to water the plant, hit "snooze". That will prompt the app to remind you in three days to check the plants again. You can snooze it as many times as you need to allow the soil to dry.

Monsteras don't mind drying out. For me, my best water meters are at the end of my hands- I stick my fingers in the soil to see how dry the soil is before I water the plant.

Good thing, though, Monsteras can be resilient! is the soil very wet? If it is, I would consider pulling the plant out of the soil and putting it in fresh soil.

Also, make sure your pot has drainage! 💚
Thank you!

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