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Well we have a situation… one of my favorite plants, my rattlesnake calathea, seems to have spider mites. Hard to tell in the photo, but there are a bunch of tiny webs. I have neem oil and I’m planning to treat with that, but any other suggestions before I start?

Also, the soil seems to be very damp and there are some brown tips.

I have isolated it and checked the plants that were nearby, and they seem to be fine. 🥲 #RattlesnakePlant #GregGang #PestControl
10ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
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I just had this issue with a calathea. I held the plant on its side (so the soil didn’t get drenched) and let the shower wash off both side of the leaves before I treated with neem.
oh no ! i hope you can help/fix it ! 😊💚🌿
@Kace this is also what I did. It did seem to help with drenching! @tango I hope this bby recovers quickly and beautifully!
@Kace that sounds great and I will try that! Thank you!! 😊
@malobee thank you!! Sounds great. 😊

Spider mites are first treated by pruning infested areas before spraying the leaves with neem oil diluted in water.

I had one that had that same problem and I did the exact same thing that @Kace did then spayed with Need Oil. You can use Neem Oil every 7 days.
@KikiGoldblatt that sounds perfect, thank you!! I will start that today.

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