Posted 2M ago by @HopefulCanna

Can anyone tell me what this is on my poinsettia? These ...

Looks like spider mites maybe? I would quarantine the plant until you can treat it to keep them from spreading. Spider mites, if not taken care of promptly, can really do some damage.
They look like eggs to me. I had an aphid issue. U should get ur plant as far away from the other plants as possible and start treating ASAP. I ended up kicking my plant outdoors which killed the plant.
Aphids. Bulbous ones? Time to give all foliage a soap bath and let the soap sit on the foliage for a few minutes then gently scrub them off with your fingers and rinse. You may have to do this every three days -at least check for resurgence - and if they keep coming back, toss the soil and start fresh.