Posted 3M ago by @FabSpideragave

Team, I’ve used a grow light and water but it’s not helpi...

1ft to light, direct
Last watered 3 months ago
@FabSpideragave it can really depend on some more specific things such as hiw much light your plant is getting from the grow light (you can check with a light meter app on your phone) and how much and how frequently you are watering your plant, even whether you are using plain tap water. The Greg app really only provides a guide to eg scheduling, not a guarantee. Some more information may help to answer your question more fully or even photos
I do not have this nor claim to know but I would think it would absolutely need a pot with drainage holes to start with. I would lift from the pot and check to see if the root system is ok without drainage. Could possibly be root rot. My two cents. Wishing you all the best with your plant journey care. Here is a website to help with your care: