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ms. ma’am’s mold 🙄
#PurpleShamrocks i have such a persistent mold problem with this little shawty. i had to repot her a hot minute ago because of it, which totally wrecked her, but she’s sprouting again and growing well. even still, literally EVERY time i water her she gets white, fuzzy mold! i’m not too concerned for her health because she seems to be growing just fine despite it, but i’d rather not have a giant pot of mold in my room. i don’t think it’s an issue with the drainage/pot, and ive tried the nifty cinnamon trick to no avail. any help?
2ft to light, direct
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
I have that same problem with my small plants and I just put cinnamon on the top soil and it has helped a lot!!
It says you have no drainage. Did you put new soil when you repotted? Can you also put her in a south facing window for even more sunlight? Bottom watering might help with the mold too via #buttchug. Purple shamrocks are bulbs and like cool weather and should be placed into dormancy in the summer. So the vacation might do her some good.
@Lovinglearning i tried that and it didn’t seem to help :/
@Jilliebeanstalk my page for her is a little outdated - she’s in a pot with drainage now, and i tried buttchugging her to no avail 😩 i’ll try to give her a break and just monitor the soil for now, and move her to a better spot
@nomoredeadplant can you take a current photo?
I had a problem with one of my plants getting mold, so I added a layer of cactus soil to the top. Since it dries a lot quicker, it’s not prone to the mold.
@Jilliebeanstalk the picture isn’t uploading, not sure why. it’s in a 5in terracotta pot, near a window with shade. the mold is mostly on the top/middle soil and isn’t usually very visible, but it grows like crazy when i water her. i sprinkle some cinnamon to kill the bits i can see, but it keeps coming back so the trick isn’t exactly working 😩
@Delaine i’ll try this! seems like it might work, the mold usually doesn’t permeate too deep.
@nomoredeadplant I know they like direct sun. Can you unshade or move to a sunny spot
@Jilliebeanstalk huh, i’d been told they prefer bright indirect light because the leaves can get dry easily? i’ll still try her in a sunnier spot while the mold persists. maybe she’ll grow better there too!
Mines in direct sun, that’s what I read. I’ll research a bit more just in case.
@nomoredeadplant update on purple gal??
@Jilliebeanstalk she lives! the mold still does pop up on occasion, though it’s not nearly as bad after adding some cactus soil and regularly cinnamon-ing. she didn’t sprout many new stems after repotting (just 5), but she’s alive!

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