Posted 2w ago by @Marine

Any tips for purple shamrocks ?
Hello Greg, I got this purple shamrocks a month ago and it lost all its flowers and don't seem to want to flower again, any tips ?
2ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Your plant looks very full and pretty darn healthy and happy to me. My dead shamrock plant flowered on and off when it was still alive, so maybe just give it some time? :D
2w ago
Yours look more full than mine. Way to go. Just give it time. It will flower on and off
@SMM @ScoutTheSprout ok, thanks guys, I guess I was worried for nothing πŸ˜…
2w ago
@Marine always good to ask 😌
Mine lost all its flowers when I moved it, but when it got accustomed to its new location it started blooming again. Mine sits on a south windowsill if that helps πŸͺ΄

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