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Help I think I shocked my Bougainvillea really bad !!

So for my birthday I got Cali. And I changed the soil. And now she’s lost ALOT of buds her leaves feel so limp. I have her sitting right under the grow light. Is there anything I can do besides words of encouragement to my Cali? To make her settle more comfortably. #Bougainvillea #help #PlantAddict
2ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
I read somewhere they saying that as soon as you started to repot or replace the soils it shouldn’t be go directly to the light. They needs time to balance for new soils and more #planthelpneeded
@RichlyProfilica oh !!? I’ve never heard that !
What kind of grow light is this? I like its aesthetic very much. I hope your plant recovers soon.
@JauntyGrandfir it’s pretty good light, I need a lampshade for it tho.
Thank you so much. I live for Amazon so that’s very convenient lol I’ve been thinking about what to do for the winter and this seems like a smart move. And hey even without the shade it still looks quite nice. πŸ₯³
@JauntyGrandfir here’s another one I just got and love ❀️. Amazon is amazing !!! πŸ’–πŸ’– I live in Washington and my window faces North so grow lights are needed. And ya it looks nice but I have a bad habit of looking at if directly sometimes πŸ˜…
@FabRubbercup Ohhh this one is very nice! I saved it, too. How did I not think to look on Amazon for these? I actually disregarded them as a garden center until a few months ago and I’m so impressed with what they offer now. And I feel you with staring into light lol I hang up shade cloth everyday at 530 when the sun is beaming on my west windows and I occasionally get it directly into my eyes! Ugh
UPDATE!!! Cali was being a drama queen. πŸ˜… leaves are perky again flowers look brighter some how. She just wanted her water early 🀣🀣🀣
@JauntyGrandfir I have those puck lights on these two shelves down. And my cacti love it. And on the far bottom I have my tropical, with an adorable mini humidifier.
@FabRubbercup oh I really like what you’ve done especially the humidifier and the bust planter, and all the cacti! I will be germinating three cacti species in the upcoming weeks and I’m trying to figure out what to do with them prior to or with the first frost since they need to be indoors. I much rather have the grow bulbs than a huge flat grow light that hangs as it takes up space and can be unsightly!
@JauntyGrandfir lol the bust was a gift, I just need a more flexible nursery pot to place a plant in it and the humidifier was honestly a gamble, I didn’t think it would be helpful and just super cute. But no my Silver dragon is the healthiest it’s ever been and my little mystery plant that I’ve been struggling to grow for years now. Is the biggest it’s ever been. And ooooo sounds so sciencey 🀩🀩
@FabRubbercup Your dragon is gorgeous and that zebra one is radiant! They both are. These two are also both new to me. I really get tempted on here to buy these as is but first I said I’m going to give my hand at trying to grow only from seed/tuber/bulb… first! I love ridiculous challenges for myself. You definitely don’t get that instant gratification sensation but the slightest bit of progress Is so rewarding. I have an unknown cacti breed germinating now but it’s more experimental since it’s my first go and they weren’t as expensive as my other seeds on their way. I looked through your oasis and you have so many cool plants. I love the medusa air plants!!
@JauntyGrandfir Awww I’m so flattered, I honestly bought the dragon as a pick me up and struggled ALOT she was getting crispy πŸ˜…. At that zebra was just a stick in dirt. But I’m excited to see what you end up with 🀩🀩. I do love a challenge too BELIEVE ME πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Once all my plants are comfortable where they are, imma try planting some flower seeds I harvested from bouquets and just the side of the road. And those air plants ❀️❀️❀️ they are my star children. No issues, no pests, no mess, just a hour bath every other week and they grow happy πŸ₯°πŸ₯°. Don’t tell my other plants 🀫🀫
@JauntyGrandfir if you ever interested in a plant and wanna try. I’d be happy to send you a clipping. We used to have a swap club on here but it kinda died down. At least I haven’t seen anything about it.
@FabRubbercup You are too adorable and a great plant mother!! You must have felt pure elation seeing their growth and revitalization. I started feeling that when my first ever tubers grew. My fiancΓ© meant to order me dahlia flowers because they are my favorite but they sent tubers so I decided to try growing them and then I got hooked and wanted to grow everything. Told him it’s the best mistake he ever made! Lol Do you have any specific flower in mind to begin with? I am trying my hand with begonias right now. It’s such a slowwww process. May I follow you to track your progress?!
@FabRubbercup omg!! I would love thatttt. You are so awesome. Thank you!
@FabRubbercup a swap club sounds so fun. I wonder what happened. A shame it ceased.
@FabRubbercup I just saw your new post and I love perlite too. I received a 20 lb bag of it today from amazon and it feels like … air. I mean it reminds me of styrofoam in that it’s so light. Such an impressive medium
@JauntyGrandfir tubers sounds so cool and healthy!!! I love it 😍. Thank you so much I do try. I have too much free time and get overly focused when there’s an issue with my plants. I would love to give lavender another shot but for now I have some daisy or marigold seeds. Which would be perfect for Dia de los Muertos. Or maybe I can try my wild flower seeds I picked up while out walking. We’ll see. I have containers of seeds I don’t even know what they are lol πŸ˜‚ I just collect.
@JauntyGrandfir lol right same !!! It’s great for everything almost. I’m definitely gonna have that on standby at all times.
@JauntyGrandfir the swap club was cool, but I think people just drifted off.
@JauntyGrandfir and ya of course you can follow my progress, I’m actually starting from scratch since I moved my begonia lost all its leaves and just started growing back.
@FabRubbercup Awww you sound like a little garden pixie with your mixed seeds and such lol that’s really cute. I hope you get a beautiful bounty of variety! I considered lavender but it sounds like a pain in the ass so I put that on hold for now!I’m going to write you my address on here real fast and then delete the post lol you think that will work? I read that marigolds are a must have because they bring all sorts of great bugs into your garden for other plants. They are also so pretty.
@FabRubbercup I am growing a balcony begonia. It’s a golden/orange/peach color that trails. Looks so lovely. I wish it would hurry up though. I found that tuber on Amazon and it came with soil and a pot. It was a nice considerate little kit for novices.
@JauntyGrandfir lol I get that a lot. Mind you my garden is all in my bedroom so although spiders are a welcome guest sometimes. I don’t really want all kinds of guests in my bedroom. And marigolds are just a wonderful flower all around. πŸ₯° big part of my culture. And here I’ll give you my plant email, it’s the email I used for swaps and you can give my your address on there.
@FabRubbercup that’s a great idea, thank you. Would you like me to send you some tubers? I have two that can be planted like right now, I just didn’t have space for them but they have sprouts already too! And I can send you some even later this year of my current ones if you’d like those too.
@JauntyGrandfir and oooooooo I’d love to try but I really need to focus on my plants now πŸ˜… . Your begonia sounds beautiful!!! I wanna get an iridescent one. 😍😍😍
@JauntyGrandfir oh I have some empty pots !! And a semi sunny back patio. 🀭🀭🀭
@FabRubbercup lol I imagine you are quite busy so I definitely understand. Just know they are here for you if you find some time down the road πŸ˜‹ it was so great talking with you and I shot you an email. I should log off and go to bed now. I hope you have a great night!