Posted 8M ago by @lichenheart

Oxalis Triangularis turned fully green

So I’ve had this guy for maybe 6+ years, and he’s slowly turned fully green over time, but I’ve never had a good place to ask about this until joining Greg. What would cause this, and how do I make him turn back to purple again 😭 It’s time for him to regain his former glory #Oxalis #PurpleShamrocks #GreggersSupportingGreggers
6ft to light, indirect
6” pot without drainage
Last watered 21 hours ago
@lichenheart Hi, Maggie. I suspect the plant is not getting adequate lighting.
But, improper watering or nutrients can also cause this.

Can you tell us more about the care regimen? Has it changed location? Has it doubled in size and is crowded in the pot (looks pretty full to me, and it may be getting root bound)? How often, how much, and what kind of water do you use?
And when was the last time you fertilized / fed the plant (if ever)?

(I sort of like the green though πŸ˜‰)
Are You FEEDing/fertilizing your plantbaby? If so, how much, @lichenheart ?
What is your watering schedule? and WHERE is your plantbaby located?

Oxalis tend to turn green as their signal that they're sick (get it... the green πŸ˜‰) due to a deficiency/instability with their water, food, or light.
I took a look at your plant card, and 6ft from a west-facing window might be too far for your oxalis to get enough light! Do you have a grow light? Or, better yet, try moving her closer to the window. I also have a purple shamrocks, and she’s 1ft away from my west-facing window.
So I imagine it’s probably a years-long fertilizer debt- he was living with my mom for a few years while I went to college and definitely didn’t get any fertilizer that entire time. I fertilized him a few days ago after all of your recommendations and the few new leaves are already looking much darker - no purple on the tops of leaves so far but the undersides are back to purple again!!