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I’m sorry for ANOTHER post, but what’s wrong with my mini roses?
I think the pictures explain…they’re wilting and there’s white stuff in the soil… I’m still seeing new growth though…

#ChinaRose #MiniatureRose
2ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Never be sorry for asking a question Mandy, we're all here to help each other.
What gorgeous mini roses. The soil looks a little too wet, that could be mold. I suggest repotting and then letting your roses dry out before watering again. TBH they are more of an outdoor plant. 🌱🌿🥰
@Sassylimey I went ahead and repotted her (more like swapped her soil for drier soil) tysm for the help
@ChaosPlains use peroxide and/or cinnamon on your plants roots if they have been overrated and let them dry out q good deal before putting in the soil and wait 3 or so more days before watering. When you water it is VERY important to do so lightly. Basically baby with the water so you don't trigger rot again 😊 stick your finger in the soil to the second knuckle and if it's dry then water, if moist wait. Or use a pencil/ wooden cabob stick, put into soil and pull out. If it comes out clean and dry then water, if it comes out with dirt on it or darker colored then the soil is still wet and you should wait. I hope that helps♡

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