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Does this Kentia have BLIGHT?
I rescued this palm a while ago and she was always wonky and not flourishing but I had been putting off repotting and relocating her. She’s been outside on a patio that doesn’t get tons of light. But now that I came to inspect I’m concerned she has the dreaded blight. And if she does — to the bin with her. I don’t want to infect the others. What do you think? #palm #plantsos #askgreg #planttherapy #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #happyplants #unhappyplants
The leaves look like it could be lack of water but the stem does look sick. I’d isolate and see if water helps, if not to the bin
@AllieTerrarium if you think it has blight here is what you do:

Prune the infected leaves, change the potting mix, minimize watering applications, and allow spacing in between plants for rapid drying of leaves. Unfortunately, bactericides have been shown to be ineffective against erwinia blight.
If the disease has spread to lots of leaves or many parts of the stem, it’s likely it’s incurable.

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