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All leaves fell off Maple plant

The Maple plant lost 90% of its leaves within 2 weeks (mostly wilted), even though it had regular watering problems. Also discovered a potential spider mite infection, but have since got rid of all webs. What else can I do to revive it? #JapaneseMaple
8โ€ pot
Last watered 1 year ago

Poor growing conditions, inadequate moisture and pest infestations can lead to leaf drop. Check the moisture level in the soil surrounding your Japanese elm tree. Although Japanese maples can withstand mild droughts, excessive dryness can cause your maple to lose its leaves.

Plants can recover from spider mite infestations if proper time and attention is paid to both treatment and prevention. Removing infested plant foliage while treating plants with insecticidal soap and oil sprays will reduce spider mite populations considerably, giving plants time to recover. So that's the good news.
How much sun is it getting? These plants are really outdoor plants.

Welcome to Greg, Natalie!
Thank you for the advice! Will try giving it more sun and getting some spray too