Posted 3w ago by @HighMangotree

The app disappeared from my dock and I can’t get it back can you please help
What happened exactly? Sometimes if you delete and reinstall the app it may fix issues? Or are you not able to do that?
Thank you so much I actually shut down my phone and restarted it and there it was! I appreciate your quick response though!οΏΌ
@HighMangotree awesome. Glad you got it working again!
Your spider plant looks good. I was given some for free and now I have several. They are addictive. Look how much this one has grown since given to me. This is from November of last year to july 5th of this year
@SirLiquorice wow good job!
@SirLiquorice thanx, me too! I love this app and my plants are thriving!
Yeah the Greg app is so awesome. I still need to add all my plants. Once you get about 200 plants Greg really helps to remember when you did water and when to water again.

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