Posted 11M ago by @Mori

Bonsai woes 😭
My partner’s cat.
My baby.

He’s a Japanese maple. Non-toxic, so no worries there, but EVERY leaf is gone. He is now a stick.
Is there any hope? Should I give up and grow another? I’m DEVASTATED - this was supposed to be an anniversary gift for my partner .

If I didn’t love that fluffy son-of-a-queen so much I’d… deny him treats (lies)
0ft to light, direct
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 11 months ago
Oh nooooooo🥲
Wow the cat left you nothing! I have to hang most of mine so my cat doesn't eat mine too.
@TinaRedchic he isn’t usually a plant eater! Which makes it that much worse
Very passive aggressive of your partner’s cat 🐈🤣
@Keepingmyplantsalive what’s worse is he used to be MY cat! Passive aggressive TRAITOR! 🤣

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