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Tips look suspicious, anything I can do?

Audra has this great stalk, thanks to @RefinedSandwort, @itsjordan, and @rinnyluvplants for helping me identity this growth. Today, however, I'm noticing that some of her tips are hardened and brown. Does anyone know what could cause this, or is it normal? #FairyWashboard #audrathefairy #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #succulentlove #planttherapy
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As with many plant issues, I believe this is the fun guessing game as to which need its lacking or getting too much of πŸ˜ͺ to some degree, I think the brown tips are normal and usually occur when there’s too much/too little water and/or too much/too little light… maybe try adjusting one of the plants needs and seeing how that goes. Mine started having slight brown tips, so I started with watering her just a little bit more often because I was waiting about 2 1/2 weeks between watering, so now I do around every 2 weeks, and I think it’s fixed my issue.
@itsjordan. Ok cool, I think I will try watering more myself. I also need to check out this plant's particular needs.
I agree with @itsjordan . It’s either a light or water issue. You may wish to check for moisture more often to keep it from staying dry too long. If it is under a grow light, I would move it. You want sunlight, but haworthias have lower light needs than some succulents such as echeverias.
Too little humidity and water
@RefinedSandwort and @DefiantGuzmania thank you for your help, she's going into the greenhouse!