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Artillery fern dropping leaves like crazy, but seems healthy ➡️ anyone have any ideas why this is happening?
This is my first Mountain Snow #Pilea Plant (aka “artillery fern”). Every day, I wake up to find that she’s shed a whole new layer of leaves, and I don’t know what’s wrong. I barely touch her and she dramatically releases like 10+ leaves. Her moisture level seems good, and she’s getting light… anyone have experience with this or have any idea of what this could be? Thanks so much in advance for any advice at all!
8ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
I haven’t had this particular fern but I know they are very finicky. They love LOTS of humidity and moisture, so I got a self watering pot. I just fill the bottom every other day, depending on how much is left and it’s very happy. I had mine in terracotta too and I think it was getting dry too fast
@goblinbabe this actually isn’t a true fern, the name is 100% misleading haha — it’s actually a Pilea! So I’m not totally sure if it needs the same environment that a fern would, but regardless, thanks for sharing I appreciate it 🙂
@lazyplantparent ohh ok, a quick google told me they like the same humidity level as ferns, 50%, so it may help regardless 😂 I tried!! Hahaha
@goblinbabe no that’s good to know, thank you!! 💚

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