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What is this? How do you take care of it?
It’s def a succulent. Make sure it’s in very well draining soil - preferably succulent soil. Let it get dry between watering. And lots of sun.
It's a tiger tooth aloe!
1Y ago
How do you take care of it? Keep doing whatever you’re doing 😁
@RJG is it? Do they branch out like that?
@LavishMint Yah mine is exploding rn.
woah i’ve never seen a tiger tooth that big!! they look so cool πŸ‘€
the general rule for sucs is to put them in well draining, mostly inorganic soil mediums (akadama is my fave), and water very sparingly, only when the soil is completely dry. in fact i like to wait about 1~2 days after the soil is fully dry, since sucs store water in their leaves. you’ll have to water even less during the dormant season so it’s best to research when that is! idk much about aloe but i have a gasteria which are closely related to aloe, and he likes a little less sun than my other succulents :)