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How to mend my plant back to health
I bought this Peperomia because of the terrible condition she was/ is in. She was completely dry but looking at her you would think she was overwatered. Most of her stems fell off in my hand and they are all soft and limp. The ones still there are so pumped over I made a make shift stand with a straw twine… anyone have suggestion on how to make sure I give this plant the treatment she needs? The first two photos that are on a tan counter and white twine are when I first got her. The last 3 photo is today, not even a week later #Peperomia
3ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
I let mine dry out more, almost all the way. Dnt water too much. Their roots are very small an delicate. Sometimes i even just bottom water. Also have mine under a grow light. I lost my pep quito cuz i wasnt letting get dry enuf. I even took a leaf from my current one. Cut in half an put in sphagnum moss, keeping moist an in terrarium with lil humidifier. I have TWO new plants! Other peeps may have even more info!
It was getting flimsy like u described. Started watching more carefully. An other pic is leaf progress
@Monstera001 I'm struggling with one at the moment too. It was a rescue, initially leaves were all falling off. Then it started recovering, but recently got too dry so I gave it a thorough water and it got worse. I looked at the roots and many had rotted so the pot ended up too big for it and the soil was staying moist too long. In the case of yours I might be tempted to use that one remaining decent leaf to propagate the plant, using the method @gAnderson described, so you don't lose the whole plant if it doesn't recover. Also the stems are very much made of water not fibre (if you know what I mean) so I think the support twisties will damage the delicate stems. Loads of good luck πŸͺ΄πŸ’•