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Why would the tips turn brown

3ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Welcome to Greg, Judy!

I have a dragon plant like yours. They like rainwater, distilled water, or (my favorite) fishtank water. The chemicals in tap water can cause spots on the leaves.

The tips can turn brown if the soil dries out too much between waterings. BUT the tips can also dry out just because the watering isn't spot-on -- brown tips happen on these types of plants.

You can always take a pair of scissors and snip them off at an angle so it's aesthetically more pleasing.

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@PreciseCorkelm brown tips on Dracaena can have one or more causes. @sarahsalith is correct, the chemicals in tap water are anathema to Dracaena. To this extent, it is reference to fluoride toxicity. However, brown tips can be the result of the plant being too dry over a certain period, by being exposed to cold during the winter months or by getting too much fertilizer.

Diagnosing the problem entails trial and error and process of elimination. Start be trimming the tips and assessing the plant needs to be moved away from drafts (is it close to a window that air gets though?) or whether the humidity around the plant is insufficient. If there is a vent whether the heat from the HVAC is sending warm air towards the plant, this would point to a possible humidity issue as well. However, If there are humidity sensitive plants and none of the other ones are experiencing symptoms of insufficient humidity or exposure to exceess heat, this militate against humidity being the root cause (although it could be a contributing factor). If you want to be certain, for $10 you can buy a hygrometer off Amazon to measure humidity. humidity levels above 50% should be sufficient. It it is below 50%- down to 35% or lowerβ€”this would point towards humidity being a problem to address. You can use a pebble tray or put the Dracaena around other plants to increase humidity. If this doesn’t fix problem evaluate whether the fertilizer may be the issue. Sometimes fertilizer burn tbe roots. A risk averse option is to use an organic fertilizer of your choice. Arber ( is an acclaimed option. You can also try diluting the fertilizer or using less. I have had a few dracaenas and I could never figure out what the issue was. I tried all these options. Eventually, I did a deep dive of understanding fluoride toxicity. Tap water often has fluoride added to it. Flouride toxicity is cumulative and eventually the plaint ingests too much Florida and the tips and more are affected. What are the contents of your potting mix? I was using miracle Gro indoor houseplant mix. It has perlite in it. Certain plains like Dracaenas and spider plants are sensitive to perlite because it contributes to fluoride toxicity. It would be better for the plant to have 1 part peat moss or coke, one part pumice and one part pine bark. Unfortunately there is no cure for flouride tkxktiy. It can kill the plant. What you can do is mitigate and keep it from getting worse. It may be the plant will always have brown tips as a result of having certain toxic levels of flouride. Sometimes growers grow them with tap water and that’s the way they are when we get them. It’s important to recognize what you can and cannot fix, so try every thing you can fix like humidity and if none of that works, recalibrate your expectations and focus on mitigating flouride toxicity. It can be maddening to never know when something isn’t your fault. Hope this helps !